Posted by: schmoffly | November 25, 2009


I had a wee bit off an accident, but I think I took care of it quite nicely.  What do you think?




Side-by-side comparions:


 I am pleased with the result although saddened by the paint chipping as a hammered out the dent.  No way around that I guess.  I definitely saw a real life example of why I weightlift though.  As you can see, on the left the bumper is bent at a decent angle.  To fix this, I basically did a modified rack pull and deadlifted the bad angle out.  Also the rear quarter panel (Is it called that on trucks?) was bent some and I sat down and pulled like I was doing a sitting low row and pulled the dent out.  You can see the obvious results on the right.

It took some sanding and some patient repainting of my bumper, but you would never know what happened (and never will, so don’t ask) if it wasn’t for the split paint.  Although a body shop would have fixed it as good as new, I would have been out several hundred dollars.  My fix cost me a can of Rust-Oleum flat black, and some wet/dry fine grit sandpaper.  Total?  Less than $10.



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