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I read an article today on where the Ole Miss band leader at football games has been instructed to take out “The South will rise again” from the end of their fight song.  It seems that part of the song comes from the Confederate army’s fight song, “Dixie.” It has been made official by the chancellor of Ole Miss that the phrase will no longer be used. A couple of quotes from the article that is found here.

“You take back on that slave mentality,” said Moss, who is black. “I know the South won’t rise again and the South can’t rise again.”

“I said the chant one day and there was a black family sitting in front of me and they turned around and gave me this look like I hurt them,” McNeill [former ASB president who is now in law school at Ole Miss] said.

The University of Mississippi has shortened one of its fight songs to discourage football fans from chanting “the South will rise again” during part of the tune, which critics say is an offensive reminder of the region’s intolerant past.

I get so frustrated when I read about stuff like this.  The Civil War was not started or fought because of slavery! Why don’t people read history.  The war was over state’s rights and economic and governmental oppresion from the North to the South.

Consider this fact: In July 1861, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution, by a nearly unanimous vote, that affirmed that the North was not waging the war to overthrow slavery but to preserve the Union (Klingaman, Abraham Lincoln and the Road to Emancipation, pp. 66-70).

I recently read the following paragraphs online here  and I agree 100%.  I copied and pasted them over because they are solid as-is without me having to rewrite them.

“The war was fought over secession, not over slavery. If the South had not declared its independence, Lincoln would not have launched an invasion, and there would have been no war. The only slave states that were charged with insurrection and then invaded were those that belonged to the Confederacy. Would Lincoln and his fellow Republicans have accepted secession if the Confederacy had announced it was abolishing slavery as the first official act of its existence? Would the Republicans have allowed a peaceful separation if the Confederacy had started an emancipation program right after the First Battle of Manassas (Bull Run)? Any serious student of the Civil War will agree that the answer to both of these questions is no.  I don’t think anyone who has studied the subject believes the Republicans would have allowed the South to go in peace no matter when the Confederacy would have started to abolish slavery.”

There were important economic and political differences between the North and the South that were major reasons for the South’s desire for independence. Prior to secession, the South had complained for decades about unfair, unconstitutional Northern economic policies, especially tariff policy. One of the seven ordinances of secession and two of the Declarations of Causes of Secession of the Deep South states mention unfair Northern economic policies. Jefferson Davis mentioned the South’s complaints about Northern protectionist tariff policies in his first message to the Confederate congress (he cited the North’s imposition of “burdens on commerce as a protection to their manufacturing and shipping interests”). In his famous speech on secession to the Georgia legislature, Robert Toombs spent the first half of the speech listing some of the South’s economic complaints against the North, and he cited these complaints as reasons the South needed to be independent. Historian Frank Owsley discussed some of the reasons for these complaints:

The industrial North demanded a high tariff so as to monopolize the domestic markets, especially the Southern market.  It was an exploitative principle, originated at the expense of the South and for the benefit of the North.

The industrial section demanded a national subsidy for the shipping business and merchant marine, but, as the merchant marine was alien to the Southern agrarian system, the two sections clashed. It was once more an exploitation of one section for the benefit of the other.

The industrial North demanded internal improvements–roads, railroads, canals, at national expense to furnish transportation for its goods to Southern and Western markets which were already hedged around for the benefit of the North by the tariff wall.

So please, please stop thinking that the South stood for slavery and the Confederate flag is a symbol of Southern oppresion.  Study on American history instead of listening to heresy!



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